Madeleine, Saint-Honore, Paris • + 33 1 47 42 26 14

Hotel Chavanel Paris

The location

La Madeleine, historical Paris, fashion, luxury, elegance. Boutiques with eye-catching windows and department stores.

The Concept

A family-owned boutique hotel, chic, discreet and elegant: the art of French living.
Quiet and relaxing haven in a bustling neighbourhood
The ethical, environmental, social and civic alternative.

The Decor

The sophistication and comfort of quality materials
A very personal concept of discreet luxury, not ostentatious, but well thought through with attention to detail.
Source of inspiration and theme for decoration: French lace contrasted with woollen blends, velvet and contemporary visual effects through surprising light variations.

The Services

A warm, personalised and engaging welcome, an introduction to the discovery of an authentic Paris.
A healthy, hearty breakfast and 100% organic.
A boutique for purchasing hotel signature items.

The key players

Sophie Charlet, Owner/Manager on top of her profession.
Anne Peyroux and Emmanuèle Thisy, Parisian architects and decorators, who marry the renovation of old buildings with very contemporary decor.
… And all the Parisian artisans who have dedicated their time and expertise.

Our Mission
The Contributors